Post Production Workflows

Digital Workflow—Quick Overview

Shoot original camera data onto Card or Camera Drive. Digital Imaging Technician (“DIT”) verifies and transfers the data to storage drive #1. DIT transcodes the original data to a format (e.g. mxf) for Editorial and applies a LUT ("look") to the image and transfers to a transport drive #2. Drive #1 to travel to DI facility for data backup to master storage system and LTO and the Quality Control Check. Drive #2 to travel to editorial for transfer and clip management. On picture lock editorial provides the Post/DI facility with the final edit information (EDLs and reference QT playout). The Post/DI facility conforms data, grades then renders out image sequence for mastering and output to meet delivery requirements.


Delivery Materials

PPD general summary of delivery materials.


Service List Flowchart

We cater our services to the specific needs of each production, taking into account creative, contractual and budget considerations.