We love working with you and don't know what we would do without you. - See-Saw Films
They are exemplary at what they do, because they love what they do. I have never worked with such passionate people before. - Alexandre De Franceschi ASE, Editor
It is always a pleasure to work on projects with PPD as they  provide up to date information, clear briefs and respond quickly to any issues as and when they arise which is key to a smooth post production process - something that is always true when working with PPD. - Elaine Beckett, Trackdown
One of the things we love about PPost & Deliver is their calmness in the face of post production chaos – it's great to have that support. - Helen Pankhurst, Matchbox Pictures
They're outta this world! - John Curran, Director
Impossible without your boundless care and support. - Martin Connor, Editor, The Railway Man
Not only does the company deliver brilliantly on post,  Colleen is a great support and ally in getting the original vision on screen. - Kimble Rendall, Director
We couldn't have done it without PPost & Deliver - they are the ultimate in stress-free delivery and The Rover's delivery was so expertly handled, I'd do it again in a flash. - Liz Watts, Porchlight Films
Working with Celine Goetz of Post and Deliver on the NBC series Camp was a delight. The show was a complicated international set up and required intelligent thought, diplomacy and patience, all of which Celine excels at.
I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Celine again if the opportunity arose. - Sam Jukes-Adams,
VP Production, NBC Universal International TV Production
PPost and Deliver masterminded Post on Serangoon Road. Silvana and Colleen did an excellent job of helping pull together (aka herding the cats) a complex production that involved 5 partners (in four different time zones) with approval rights, various post services taking place in three different cities in Australia and a major part of post being done in Singapore. PPD handled it all with grace, efficiency, and a determination to deliver the best result - coupled with a much-appreciated sense of humour. - Paul Barron, GWE
From planning to delivery, PPost and Deliver have played an essential role in every one of my productions, I couldn't imagine making a film without them! - Todd Fellman, Story Bridge Films
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