Feature Film Credits

Mental 2012

  • Running Time: 115 minutes
  • Director: PJ Hogan
  • Producers: Janet Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Todd Fellman, Jocelyn Moorhouse
  • Editor: Jill Bilcock ASE,ACE
  • Post Supervisor: Colleen Clarke, PPD
  • Shooting Location: Gold Coast, Northern NSW
  • Post Production: Melbourne, Australia
  • International Sales Agent: Archlight Films International
  • Australasian Distributor: Universal Pictures
  • DI Facilities: Efilm Australia
  • Sound Facilty: Soundfirm Melbourne

Post Production Pathway

Red Epic (r3d) files converted to MXF for off-line editing High definition in Lightworks. Final conformed in 2K DPX transcoded from r3d files at Efilm Australia. Graded in Lustre for 2K output to DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master) 16 bit TIFF files for jpeg 2000 DCP digital cinema and record out to 35mm Digital Intermediate negative at Deluxe Australia for theatrical film distribution. Video mastered to HDCAM SR 4:4:4 for Home Entertainment servicing.

Sound edited in Protools v8 at Soundfirm Melbourne and mixed in 5.1 at Soundfirm Melbourne for Dolby printmastering and digital cinema printmastering wav files.