Feature Film Credits

BAIT 3D 2011

  • Running Time: 93 minutes
  • Director: Kimble Rendall
  • Producers: Gary Hamilton, Todd Fellman, Peter Barber
  • Editor: Rodrigo Balart
  • Supervising Post Producer: Colleen Clarke, PPD
  • Shooting Location: Queensland, Australia
  • Post Production: Singapore & Sydney, Australia
  • International Sales Agent: Darclight
  • Australian Distributor: Paramount Australia
  • DI/Post Production Facilities: Black Magic Design, Singapore/ E-Film, Australia
  • Visual Effects: Black Magic Design, Singapore / Postmodern, Australia
  • Sound Facilty: Soundfirm Australia & Yellow Box Studios, Singapore

Post Production Pathway

BAIT was shot in stereoscopic 3D digital on Red One cameras (mysterium chip) on quasar rigs at the Village Roadshow Studios in Queensland. Picture Editing during Production was at the Studios on Avid Media Composer v5.3 in 2D/3D. Director's Cut editing in Singapore at Blackmagic Design facility along with the Digital Cinema conform and grading in P3 on Da Vinci Resolve. Blackmagic Design sent the files for the 3D & 2D DCDM/DCP and 2K DPX for 35mm filmout to Efilm Australia for digital cinema mastering and film recording. Video mastered to HDCAM SR 4:4:4 for Home Entertainment servicing. Digital sound design and editing at Soundfirm Sydney and 3D Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mixing in Singapore at Yellow Box Studios.