Feature Film Credits

The Hunter 2011

  • Running Time: 101 minutes
  • Director: Daniel Nettheim
  • Producers: Vincent Sheehan
  • Editor: Roland Gallois ASE
  • Delivery Management: PPD, Michaal Monk
  • Shooting Location: Tasmania
  • Post Production: Sydney, Australia
  • International Sales Agent: Entertainment One
  • Australasian Distributor: Madman Entertainment
  • DI/Post Production Facilities:Efilm Australia
  • Sound Facilty: Big Ears/StageOneDeluxe

Post Production Pathway

Filmed in Super 35mm aspect 35mm Kodak negative, scanned 4K DPX at Efilm Sydney. Conform, digital grade at Efilm Sydney for 4K DI record out at Efilm Sydney and process at Deluxe Australia. Digital Cinema Master produced at Efilm. Soundtrack edited by Big Ears in Protools and mixed at StageOne Sound Deluxe (Australia) for printmastering Dolby Digital 5.1. Video mastered to HDCAM SR 4:4:4 for Home Entertainment servicing.