Feature Film Credits

$9.99 2008

  • Running Time: 78 minutes
  • Director: Tatia Rosenthal
  • Producers: Emile Sherman & Amir Harel
  • Editor: Danny Cooper ASE
  • Post Supervisor: Libby Tishler
  • Delivery Management: PPD, Tracey Johns
  • Shooting Location: Israel (Animation)
  • Post Production: Tel Aviv, Israel & Sydney, Australia
  • International Sales Agent: Fortissimo Films
  • Australasian Distributor: Icon Film Distribution
  • Post Production Facilities: DB Productions, Israel
  • Sound Facilty: Mixroom, Tel Aviv, Israel

Post Production Pathway

Digital animation feature film. Conformed and digital graded for 35mm Digital Intermediate record out. Delivered as 35mm digital negative master and 35mm intermediates and prints. Video mastered to HD and Digital Betacam for Home Entertainment. Digital sound edited and mixed 5.1 for Dolby SRD printmaster.